Help me look at dating in a better way?

I am currently 24 years old and attending University (I spent about three years trying to figure out what I wanted to do and only have recently discovered a path worth following.)

As of lately (as in the past two or three months) I have wanted to get back into dating, but unfortunately... nothing goes beyond small talk. I talk to girls and can make them laugh and smile, but nothing seems to come from it. One girl in one of my classes (a tall, hot blonde) started talking to me and was hinting at wanting to take me out for lunch, but unfortunatley I had a class shortly thereafter... I added her on Facebook to try and talk to her more, but nothing really came of it. We said a couple of things to one another, and that was that.

I am really starting to lose hope. I'm 24, many people my age are established... and I am seeing so many people in happy, loving relationships. I get extremely jealous and morbidly depressed because I feel like I deserve a good, happy relationship... but where am I? Not even graduated university... still living at home (moving out is too expensive at the moment)... yeah. I just almost feel like I am not meant to have a girlfriend or something because it seems that when there may be a chance, I get shot down. I see a pretty girl in class and look her up on Facebook to see if she's single--nope, taken. Ask a girl out on a date? She has a boyfriend. I am just starting to feel utterly hopeless. The time I had a girlfriend was in 2011... and she cheated on me.

I just hate feeling jealous. There are two people who are younger than me in my class that are married to pretty girls, and I haven't even had a fucking relationship PERIOD in the last three years...

Any advice?


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  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself. No one wants to attend pity parties. Start improving your self esteem. Get a book and work on it.

    Oh, you don't "deserve" a relationship. You have to work for one and when you have one.

    • "Stop feeling sorry for yourself."
      It is a lot easier said than done especially when you suffer from anxiety and depression.

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    • Tried therapy, it wasn't very effective for me... I am also on medication for it.

    • And I've been trying, believe me... messaging people on dating websites, trying to talk to girls, etc. Rejection after rejection.