More than friends or just friends?

I met this guy 2 years ago, he had just moved to my city. We got close for about a month and then he left to college in another country. We would hang out all the time and he even told a friend of mine that he thought I was pretty and that he would have something with me but he was leaving. After that we kept in touch and we both began talking every day and liking each other. We would Skype and text non stop. After a while, the conversations began being less regularly. He then came for vacations and on the last day I told him that it was getting hard for me to keep talking to him because I was seeing him as more than just a friend, and he told me he felt the same way but that nothing could happen because he was in another country. He also told me that thats why he had never tried to kiss me. Then he left and things got a little awkward between us, we even stopped talking for a while and then he began talking me again telling me he was coming soon. After that we began talking and texting and doing Skype but it was never back the way it was at first, but still we kept the friendship going. He does starts the convs and even calls me out of nowhere via viber. He is now back again for vacations and a very close friend of him told me that he doesn't want anything (a relationship) and that he also is a player because he hooks up with lots of girls, and the fact thathe hasn't tried anything with me means a lot, because he doesn't want to ruin what we have and that he respects me, because eventually he's coming back in a year.

so yeah, basically we are friends who feel something for the other but nothing has happened or can while he's still abroad Should I continue talking to him or try to forget him? He has never treated me bad, he's in fact a gentleman with me. Always pays when we go out, so he should feel something for me no? I dont know what my next move should be with him. I can't have closure cause I know he's finally coming in a year :/


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  • So you can just easily look over him being a player just bc he's into you?
    Well i guess people can change...