Guys 25-35; do you feel like this?

by this age, are you done chasing the girl? do you expect her to chase you? I really like this guy, but it seems like I'm always the one chasing him to go out for coffee, to see each other, to speak, etc. but when we're together the chemistry is undeniable. why isn't he initiating? is it maybe because he's been hurt so many times in the past he's given up on the chasing?


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  • Generally speaking, age does nothing to affect the basic dynamics of male/female relationships.

  • I am not interested in short term flings. If I know immediately that I could never marry this girl, because I know we would be incompatible, then I would not pursue her.

    But on top of that, I don't give girls much attention anyway, because I work too much. At the end of the day and on weekends, I am too tired. That could be your guy's problem also.


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