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Guys I have a question. Have you ever left your girlfriend of a couple of years for a girl you've met and have fallen for? If so how did that end up? Or would you leave your girlfriend for a girl you have recently fallen for? Let's say your girlfriend lives in another state and barely talks to you. You guys talk maybe once a week or every two weeks.


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  • The answer was much easier until you mentioned the last detail. Long distance relationships tend to go sour. But me personally, I wouldn't not leave a girl I like over anything.

    • Well what would have been your answer before you read the last part? And leave your girlfriend or the girl you have fallen for?

    • Before I date a girl, I invest a lot of time in getting to know her. So whenever another girl pops up, I can't just drop what I've been working on and run after someone I've never known before. So if she is local, I would never leave her over someone. Even if it doesn't work out, I'd wait until the previous door shuts completely before opening another one. Which would normally take 2-6 months.

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