I onlt told a few friends we were dating and now He's ignoring me? why?

Me and my crush started talking on snapchat and he said I like you do you like me and I said yeah then he said would you ever go out with me I said yeah and then the next night I asked him out and he said yeah sure the next day I told a few of my friends that we were going out and then these two girls poked there nose in And made matters worse by asking him are you two going out and he turned round to them say no but his friend Liam told me that Callum said to him yeah I am going out with her. I snapchat ted his the other night say I don't unstand what's going on and he said why did you tell everyone we were going out and Samantha said were not as she asked Callum At lunchtime also I snapchatted him last night he saw my message but hasn't replied. I said sorry to him


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  • He may have Not been ready to explain the both of you and was feeling like this shy guy when your noisy friends made a comment to make it their business By----Asking him are you two going out? He even lied because he didn't want to feel he Had to tell the budinskis Anything at all of his own "business," Crazywaves.
    It sounds as though he may be slightly upset for this is why he is now putting you on his pay no mind list. He sees your "Message' but isn't getting your Own "Message" that you're apologizing in dust and ashes.
    Let it go for now. Don't contact him anymore. If he likes you enough and manages to get over his wet behind the ears hissy fit, which guys his age tend to be, then he will push a button on his end and just let sleeping dogs lie, making some plans to still go out.
    Yes, I believe you are in the doghouse momentarily but even with a friend, if he doesn't come back with even his tail between his legs, then he was nothing but a fair weather friend in the end.
    Good luck. xx

    • Okay, I just read Now your update, sweetie... Class dismissed. xx

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    • Ok, thank you xx

    • Oh, so welcome, sweetie, just hang in there, everything is fine. xxoo

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  • It's hard to understand what is happening here, but this guy shouldn't have a problem with what happened here. It's nice of you to apologize, but he needs to man up and get over it. If he doesn't understand something, he should clarify, not ask why you did this and that and then go cry under his moms skirt.

    • Aw that made me smile I just think he's really shy when he's around girls. it looked like he was keen to talk to me. by asking if I had snap-chat and Skype.

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    • XD That's always good to hear.

    • Yeah I just think he's shy :)

  • I can understand not wanting everyone to make a big deal of it. So your friend interrogating him, when you two have been together less than 24 hours it could be off putting. It could be as simple as he is a private person and didn't want anything put on blast. Just letting people find out when they find out. I don't think he's wrong to be a little upset, but I don't understand why he's that upset at you about telling a friend. He's probably more upset with the situation

    • 6 days we've been going out and he dumped me last night

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    • So he didn't make it up. He thought you were cheating.

    • Yeah knowing my luck he wouldn't let me explain he just said sorry your dumped

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