Boyfriend may be bored with me? Pls help?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 2 and a half years. We moved in together during the summer. Everthing was going wonderful. Then one day he got in my car and told me he had gotten a job in the cities 80 miles away. I was a little nervous since it was so far away but he promised he would come home every night. He's been home once in the last month. I wasn't planing on living alone and don't really like it. He hangs out at his brothers house every day after work with his friends. We don't call or text much during the week and only see each other on the weekends but I have to make the drive down there to see him. We never have alone time because we just hang out at his brothers house with all his friends. This weekend he told me he was going to a concert Friday night with his brother and a friend. I was a little jelous because I wasn't invited and he gets to see his brother and friend all the time. But I got over it and made my own plans. We had made plans to hang out on Saturday so I got all packed up and loaded my car then called him to tell him I was leaving only to find out he had made plans with his friend to go out drinking. I was pissed. Why couldn't he have told me that or invited me? I could have made other plans but instead I sat at home all day sad. So now I haven't seen him in over a week and I am leaving for a trip next week so we won't see eachother for a very long time and he knew this. I miss him so much and he says he misses me but wouldn't he make the time to come see me or hang out with me if he missed me? It makes me so sad because I love him a lot and it seems he's become bored of me. What is going on?


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  • If it were me, i'd find a new man. 2 years is quite a history, but if he's currently unavailable or less than part time, it's like he's not there at all.

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