How do I tell him I lied? please help kind of urgent?

ok so i met this guy online we fell in love blah blah blah. but he is sixteen i told him i was too when we first met sent him fake pictures of me that was it. i came clean but instead of saying im 13 i said i'm 15 and i'm too afraid to say how old i really am. i have been through a lot like cutting and depression and suicide but when i met him i felt better not so much like i wanted to die. i can't lose him but i can't keep living with this lie i have to tell him so how should i approach this? and guys when or if you are or were 16 would you date a girl who is 13? please help!

thank you so much for all the comments i did tell him


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  • 13 is 3 years from 16, it's not that big a deal. The big deal is with sex, but that isn't the concern. Let him know, it's the right thing to do. He's more likely to understand an explanation than irrationally flip out. I would understand and at 16 under certain circumstances I would DATE a 13yr old, nothing beyond dating at that age though.

    • yeah we werent planning on having sex or him taking me out of the state which are the only things illegal

    • That's what I imagined. Tell him, it'll feel a lot better. If he does flip out, well now you know what would have happened eventually, but I bet he won't flip.

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  • Don't meet guys online at your age be young enjoy it I know u say u been through a lot but don't look for a guy to make u feel better. It would be against the law for him to have sex with u so would he wait 3 years or cheat and make u feel even worse? Just forget him and move on without a guy until u have sorted your own issues out. You don't need a relationship that will bring more stress to u at this time of life. Good luck I really hope everything works out for u x

  • This feeling of normalcy due to the relationship seems less like true healing and more like a symptom of the other issues. That said, it doesn't mean the relationship is bad for you. You need to own up to all of this. Just speak plainly. There is no other way. If you are in counselling, you need to bring this up there. If you are not, you should consider it.

  • Tell him immediately. Just send him a text and tell him in the end "please don't ignore me, it would hurt me a lot because I have started to like you and I just wanted to be honest with you from now on".


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