Would you want a relationship with a girl who had one night stand with your friend?

In February I slept with some guy, it was just a one-night-stand and we never talked about it. Later I met this fantastic guy, but found out that he is a friend of this other guy I slept with.

I changed in a meantime and I would not do that again (I was going through tough time).

Would you consider me for a relationship if you would found out about it:

  • Yes, past is a past
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  • No, I could not relationship with a girl who slept with my bro
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I also made it clear that I don´t sleep around and refused to go to his flat when he invited me for a dinner (I was scared because I thought he assumed he would get an easy lay from me).


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  • This has actually happened to friends of mine. It worked out.

    • the thing with me is that i´m normally very conservative and i regretted i did that. i even got scared of sex and our first argument with that new guy was that i felt he is pushing me for sex (he didn´t, but he still doesn´t talk to me, as i offended him by my reaction)

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  • only if you explained to me that you slept with my friend and why you did just like you told us in the question

    • i haven´t explained him anything so far, because we don´t know each other for a long time. we had only one date together

  • Anyone that was my girl and slept with anyone friend or not would be out of my life for good

    • No, I had one night stand with that that guy in february. I met the second guy (the one I´m really interested in) in September

  • Hell no. What a slut. She is going to catch std's and spread them.

    • in my whole life i slept only with 4 men and im 29. I don´t consider myself to be slut, i haven´t slept with anybody since then. I slept with that one, because i felt lonely, going through difficult time and needed feel somebody´s warmth and to be held.

    • And I've been alone for 4 years and no sex for 2 yrs. Give your pussy to a guy that deserves it, or get a dildo.

  • It would bother me, but would depend on the situation, but most likely would be friends at the most.


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  • My boyfriend and my friend had a thing shortly before we got together, it wasn't serious and I knew that (knowing them both well) so it didn't /doesn't bother me in the slightest. I know he likes me and not her so that's that.

    • in your case roles are reversed and there are still double-standards. both guys went on a trip together this weekend and i´m wandering if they are talking about me

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    • It just depends then. But I think it's safe to say that the majority of men would not like this situation. Especially if the girl and the guy she slept with keep it a secret and the bf finds out later.

    • @NovemberJoseph Ahhhh... but that is an entirely different matter if they keep it from him. If I found out, 8 years down the line, that they'd purposefully kept it from me then I may feel very differently about the matter.

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