Is there any way to tell him without risking his friendship?

I'm pretty sure my best friend has feelings for me and I do for him. His actions says otherwise. Hi. My best and I have been friends for two years. Over the past few months we've been very affectionate towards each other. We would hug every time we said goodbye or through out the day. He would also kiss my forehead/temple several times throughout the day and rest his head ontop of mine.

Also he doesn't do this to our mutual friend who is also a girl.

Should I tell him I have feelings for him? I'm afraid of ruining our friendship though.


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  • Is there any way to do it without risking the friendship? Not really. But, you're not being honest with him if you don't tell him. And friendship depends on honesty. That's just one reason why you should tell him.

  • I agree with evenlift.


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