I just really miss him and want him back in my life?

A couple of months back I dated a guy who was funny and kind and lovely to talk to but who I just didn't see a future with. I don't know why, he was practically perfect but I just didn't find our personalities compatible if we were to enter a long term relationship. But he was real keen to, so long story short, when he asked me what we were I decided I had to end it. I respected him too much to play with him. Although he did say we didn't need to commit I realised the thought of continuing to kiss him etc. just didn't excite me, I think we lacked sexual chemistry, so anyway I tried to go down the 'let's just be friends' route.
We still send each other the occasional snap or message but we haven't hung out at all and I'm beginning to really miss him. I know it was the right decision to end it with him but that doesn't mean I wanted him out of my life or make me miss him any less. The thing is though that we weren't friends to begin with so I don't know if it's possible to just become friends after that. Also there's a possibilty he still likes me and I don't want to lead him on if I up the contact we make. Have any of you guys been in similiar situations? Have any advice?


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  • Well, at this point, it's really up to him.
    Because you rejected him, HE was given the choice to either try to remain friends with someone he actually likes, or move on completely.
    You said you exchange messages occasionally, so you guys haven't cut contact completely.
    So you can ask him to hang out, but you need to be prepared for rejection because it may simply be difficult for him.
    Otherwise, make it obvious that you guys are just friends and let HIM decide from there.