How to know if your to pretty or to ugly to get approached?

How can you know the reason why guys dont approach you or aks you out? Personally i find myself attractive, like im not superhot or anything, but friends and randoms tells me i look good, or at least have a good body. I dont get asked out a lot at all, not even once a year, and im not so sure why. I do get a lot attention from guys, and some even smile. And i get quite a lot of looks from girls. But thats often almost everything that happens. But then again, if i see a cute guy and he looks at me a lot i start "ignoring him", because i find it very uncomfortable to hold eye contact. I don't know if the main reason they dont approach me, but what do you think. Am i just not cute or pretty enough for a guys to make that move to ask med out?


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  • If you are attractive to a majority of guys and girls that guys then they usually think that girl is already with someone worthy of being in the presence of their attractiveness. Guys feel too intimidated to approach a girl that is seen as really pretty because they feel they already have a boyfriend.

    • hmm... i see... so i guess i have to approach guys then?

    • Well, you could do the approaching, but let them ask you out. You could also wait it out until someone comes along with enough confidence to approach you.

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  • Its not that you're ugly its just we guys think you will laugh at us for approaching someone pretty and thats very shameful


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  • If they are not looking at you wide eyed n open mouthed as if they just witnessed the existence of big foot or cyclops, you're good.
    Lots of guys look at me and literally run.
    At first i thought they were intimidated, but then i saw myself in a reflection while i was out one day (my place doesn't have too many mirrors) and i was like, 'oh damn wth? Thats why.'

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