If a guy doesn't text you after you hang out does that mean he's not interested? please read the details?

I had hung out with a guy and it all went very good he was focused on me and everything. We both seemed very into each other. When we were leaving we hugged and it was a long hug, but then i had said okay im gonna go now and then he said wait, do i get a kiss? and i told him nooopeee in like a nice vote voice and he said too soon but then i said byeeee in a nice girly voice too. his face after i told him nope was that kind of face thats like damnnn. do you think he's not talking to me because of that? or am i just over thinking this?


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  • Maybe he though that you weren't interested when you turned down the kiss? Not that you need to kiss someone if you think it's too soon, I would have done the same thing. But maybe you should text him first to reassure him that you are in fact interested? :)

    • thank you, thats what I've been thinking of doing :)

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  • Overrrrr thiiiiinking it. In fact however, his reasons are his own. We all as ladies and gents can tell why he's not getting bk at you buuuuuuut his reasons can or may be different. But see as it is that he probably and more than likely have things he want to do buuuuuut the sure fire is those things don't involve you being in it.


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