My dates are too friendly/platonic and I have trouble escalating/getting 2nd dates?

I'm a 25 year old guy and am relatively inexperienced in dating. I got my first ever girlfriend, kiss and sexy time at the age of 24 and after that ended, I've been thrown back out into the big bad world of dating.

I can generally get dates (sources being Tinder and to a lesser extent, dating sites) but nothing ever really becomes of them.

Although the conversation generally flows well on my dates, I find that they are all a bit too platonic/friendly (as a rule of thumb, I take a girl out to a bar for a first date) and generally don't lead to anything romantic. The last girl I saw for multiple dates, we got to date number 7 I think and had only kissed properly 1-2 times during that time. (it ended because she moved away)

Generally I think that I do have several qualities that girls desire such as having a good job, being tall, muscular, educated, cooking skills (or so I'm told that a man who can cook is liked by girls) but I'm unable to translate these into repeat dates and ultimately relationships or at least hook ups.

I admit that I used to be quite socially awkward but I have been improving on that, however I still think that my delayed start to my dating career has left me ill equipped with skills for the dating life.

Does anyone have any advice as to what to do? Just keep dating and the experience/skills will come with time?


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  • Can't you meet women in real life instead of online? Don't you know anyone from your job who has friends or parties? Take a cooking class or go to a museum. Get off the Internet! Why, oh why, would you take a girl to a BAR on a first date and expect anything romantic to happen? Take a walk, go to a park, a cafe or somewhere you can talk.


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