Did you finally end up dating with your best Fren? How this happen and why? Share with me?

Feel free to share with me how you realise you fall in luv with your best fren and how you both realised about and endup dating... How's the feel of it and did the relationship lasted? Feel free to share with me your story. Girls & Guys are welcome to share


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  • I am dating my bestfreind and it is great. because we had known each other for so long and knew each other so well we trust each other so much and i love her and it is great. i say date a freind it worked great for me

    • How u both realised you actually have feelings towards each other?

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    • wa... you both just click on like that... I am so envy... :) I hope i can be like that...

    • i hope so too

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  • i met this guy in class, in september, dated for the month of october, broke up.. stayed as friends, dated again for the month of March, broke up again.. stayed close friends, still hung out and all that crap. we dated other people for a year.. they didn't work out and we were always back for each other.. so 6 months later after our relationships didn't work with other people... we dated each other again, been together for 3 years and 4 months now. we just had to fix the problems we had to make things work.