Guys is this the standard modeling rejection?

this agent wrote the following and wonder if this is the stander rejection and those ever one else get it too.

so are you on some type of drug ? you look like you lived a rough life. I you look like a loner that spends his Saturday mornings in a perm bank just to get a nut off and earn a few bucks to get some drugs. Word of advice , stop drugs because your face is starting to look like flesh eating virus. Have a nice day :)

:) this was from detriot modeling agency and are very diplomatic as fair as detriot go's...

i just kidding this was send when said hi to a detriot resident on a dating site.

so anyway is this standerd rejection from a dating site chick?


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  • I think you should give @WhiteSteve that girl's contact information so he can tear her in half, because I'm pretty sure he will not be pleased to see someone bash his man-crush like that.


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  • That's so rude. I think you just happened to message a vile woman and her description of you is totally off. From what I can see you do not look like a drug addict. I like your eyes :)


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  • @SandPlanet is right. I know people in The D, I can have her rolled up in a carpet in a back alley dumpster by sundown.

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