Would you consider this to be desperate or sweet gesture?

There is one guy I´m still thinking of. He was pursuing me, but I didn´t trust him at the beginning (we had series of misunderstandings because of that) and he lost his interest.
I apologized for my behaviour, but he stayed reserved (doesn´t respond my texts).

I was thinking that if I would bake a muffin or capcake for him and leave it on his desk as a sign that I´m still interested. Do you think he will think I´m desperate and I would push him completely away or would he consider this to be a sweet gesture?


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  • Any girl that goes out her way to do something for sake friendship, dating, or relationship is a nice things but sadly it's not an answer. Us guys stick to a yes or no basis. No hard to get, not hidden signs, no giving us things and then act like your suddenly interested. When your being hit on. Look for 1st impressions. If as you say there was a misunderstanding then you tell him via phone or in person. No texting. Simple and easy. No texting or email. Tell him that you'd like to hang out not play the chasing game. When we 1st get rejected it's not easy getting us back unless he is willing to. Cause we tried chasing you the first time and was rejected so were not going to try it another. Again depending on the guy.

  • he already knows you're interested. i don't see the point. you just have to move on


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