Is this guy only looking for a hookup or something more?

So i basically met this guy off the infamous tinder app and I had been talking to him for a couple months, we really got to know each other but never actually hung out. The first time we hung out we just walked around downtown but we only got to hang out for an hour since I had to leave abruptly. The second time we saw each other he gave me options of going to a hookah bar seeing a movie or getting ice cream. We were supposed to see each other from earlier in the day but I didn't get home until around 9. When he picked me up and asked me what I wanted to do I told him it was all up to him, he ended up taking me to a lake and we just cuddled and laid in the back of his truck we started making out and he tried going under my shorts and I was taken off guard. I told him why I was upset and that I wasn't the type to just hook up with a guy I barely know and he tried to reassure me that he wasn't in it all for the hook up and he wanted to take the time to get to know me if i just give him the opportunity in doing so I was also telling him that I felt guilty for hooking up with him because I have a really good guy friend that just confessed his feelings for me and he’s in the hospital and I should figure out what Im going to do with my friend before I continue anything with him. He kept telling me that I make him feel good and that he wasn’t trying to just hook up with me and not get to know me at all, he kissed me before I left but I haven’t heard from him. This all happened last night and I’m not sure where to go with this, is he really only trying to hook up with me and was everything he said all talk?


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  • It is easy enough to test. Do not message him. If he texts you to see how you are and doesn't press the issue it may not be all he wanted. Though I have to say the only reason you take someone to a lake to lay together is to try something more. You had only met briefly before, I think a more public pot for a second meeting would have been more appropriate.

    Side note. Be careful you don't mistake feelings of sympathy with something else in regards to the guy in the hospital. Ask yourself, did you want him as more then a friend before that?

    • After I told him about my friend and how i felt bad for him, he was trying to convince me that I shouldn't be with him out of sympathy. He also told me to figure my stuff out with him but he was constantly trying to kiss me even as I was leaving. This all happened last night and he hasn't texted me, I feel like I should initiate something since I'm into him but I don't want to be just a hook up.

    • Hummm odd that he kept trying to kiss you after you said no. Seriously, if he likes you he will text you. If you do first you will never know.

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  • Will your good friend in the hospital be ok? Have you tried to visit him once he was let out?
    Do you even like your good guy friend back?

    If you don't just roll with it. y'know.

    • i dont i figured my stuff out with my friend and we agreed to just stay friends. I just don't want to be going out more with the other guy if all i am is a potential hook up buddy to him.

    • you won't really know what that guy is trying to do with you. If he sticks around and says nice things about you and to you. You know he's not trying to just hook up with you right?

      How long have you been seeing this guy?

  • Just draw some Damn boundaries, keep it in a public place and if he doesn't like it then just don't ever be around him again


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