Girls what is your main reason for not replying to messages you get on a dating site?

as a guy who's used them before and sent out lots of messages that never got any replies to I was always left wondering why girls that are desperate enough to sign up don't seem to reply to many of the messages they get.

so doing this poll to try and come up with some reasons for this
as poll can only have 5 options I realise every reason isn't going to be there , if yours not just comment and explain further. there is no wrong answer trying to get a feel for whats going on with users of these sites

  • i didn't like his profile / pictures , some sort of flaw was on it
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  • i got too messages and could not reply to all
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  • i wasn't attracted to him / not my type
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  • he lived too far away
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  • he had tried to date me before and allready rejected him
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  • LOL on the 'desperate' part. I live in a small town so a dating site is about the only option... but I get tons of messages (33 the other day alone) and all lived too far away, some were non religious (which I am) and others were just plain ugly. So there is a multitude of reasons why we don't respond or we reject men. I don't respond when I have a mass amount of messages... I delete and go to the next.

    • when your saying too far away? are we talking like over an hour? or next town over or like entirely different city? I'm from a small town as well and find there isn't a lot of locals to email so try girls further away but try not to go much further than an hour or so

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  • We all have a preference on the type of guy we want in looks. So that is probably the main reason. another reason why I wouldn't answer is because of what he post on a dating site or something about his bio, likes/dislikes, or something like that is maybe something i wouldn't be able to deal with.


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