Is it wrong to try your heart out?

my now ex boyfriend of 8 years hate me because his mom did some terrible things that caused me to get arrested. she prefer him to date a girl she like that has money, we already had problems but the way she got it set up its a connection as if i did it to him. now i got a harassment charge on me after he just said i wasn't harassing him. that pissed her off he refuse to give up imformation about me and refuse to say im harassing him so she got a warrant out for me and had the police to come to my house right along with herself. i was harassed by her so much i had to move out my house. i always texted my ex from an app. so she using apps texting him threats as if i did it. now he think it was me. she created this whole setup over money


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  • If she's harassing you, contact the authorities. You shouldn't have had to move to get away from her.
    And there's no chance of that being a relationship again, not while that woman is in his life.
    My advice is to stop talking to ALL of them, completely.

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