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So I've been talking with her a lot, about everyday for a while now. I was being flirty lately. Now she told me we should have a talk, and that it looks like I got stuff to confess to her, because of the way I act. Then she asked if I had feelings for her. I replied with ; would that frighten you? She said no and that she wanted an answer, not a question. I told her that we should have a talk when the time is right. She agreed. Yet, I feel she's became a bit more distant with me on text. ( Guess it will be like that until we have our talk) So what do you people think? Its bad isnt? What is she thinking?


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  • she's backing off a bit cause she doesn't know how you feel. you gave a very ambiguous answer and girls like to have a definite before they commit. dont mess with her and just tell her how you feel:)

    • it is not always that easy, to just talk... though.

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    • Yeah that makes a lot of sense. Guess we're just gonna stay friend and i'll leave her be since there are no options on my side , i'll live with it, and I told her that I was already over it and she seemed relieved and happy with how we dealt with this situation. Just was a bit painful inside, knowing i'm not the one for her, or that she doesn't want me to be.

    • dude rejection always sucks, it sucks knowing that someone you like doesn't feel the same way. but thats why there are 3.5 billion girls in the world so that you have so many people to test and see if they are right for you and you for them. it hurts but someday when you have found the perfect woman for you, this won't even matter, good luck:)

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  • you had best have that talk soon if you really do like her

    • I have to wait a full week , since she's studying in a different city. So i'm pretty sure this week will be quiet until we speak next weekend

    • And of course , I ain't leaving this situation like that.. I'll see if she wants to go further or if she isn't interested at all..

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