Girls if a guy told you he wasn't looking for a relationship would you continue seeing him thinking you could change his mind?

Okay so I had just gotten out of a 7 month relationship. The break up was pretty shitty. Well later on I had just started talking to this new girl, but I told her that I'm wasn't looking for a relationship after everything that happen and that I was simply lonely and looking for someone to spend a bit of time with. Fast forward about a month and a half after that which would be today. She invited me to come hang out with her and her friends. I thought nothing of it and said sure. Well when I get there she hugs me and introduces me as her boyfriend. I'm shocked and pull away. I told her that I was't her boyfriend. After that an argue developed and I just left.


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  • That's weird that she called you her boyfriend when you're not haha
    She obviously really likes you but and would be so embarrassed that she got rejected like that infront of her friends :S, not you're fault though
    And i had a fuck buddy who is honestly the biggest player, has had sex with over 40 girls at age 19, and i still had hope that he would maybe see me as more than that so yeah i think girls do like to hope that they can make a guy like them enough for a relationship when its not really possible


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  • If you two hadn't agreed on anything, it is MEGA weird for her to call you her boyfriend. During your argument, what was her reason for doing that?

    If I'm interested in being in a relationship, it would definitely change my desire to be with you (hang out and spend time with you). Why? Because there are men who are relationship ready and you are not one of them. I wouldn't make you wrong for this and I would appreciate your honesty

    • She basically she since we had be seeing each other for a while that it had change.

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    • Yeah that's how I feel. Just seems she was barking up the wrong tree. She's a nice girl, but I'm pretty much done with relationships for a while.

    • Yeah. And honestly, her actions sound manipulative. I hope you've cleared it up. It seems you two are looking for different things.

      Best of luck!

  • Maybe!
    We all say stuff that has a shelf life. Maybe a week, maybe a minute.
    So I try and read between the lines if possible.
    This is essential in relationships. My guy doesn't have to tell me when he's down. I can read his posture, and he can read mine just as well. Same in my family.
    So you asked a very good question. Intuition is a developed skill. Listen to the other person instead of always attempting a response.
    Watch the apes on the Nature channel if you want to learn a lot. They read one another like a book, without a sophisticated language system, and act accordingly.
    We can learn from them.

  • I did. When I first started dating my bf, we both just recently got out of a relationship. We weren't looking for a relationship. But it's been 2 years now that we've been together. I think if two people are meant to be then they're meant to be regardless of bad timing you know?

    • Guess that worked out for you. Personally I just think people shouldn't do that it the other person stated they did want a relation. Things to end really badly when the feelings aren't mutual.

    • That's true. I think my case is different from yours because when we started dating, we both didn't want a relationship and one developed so there was no pressure or anything.

      In your case, she did want something and you didn't. I guess she thought if you got to know her and spend time with her, you would change your mind

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