Bar Outing... Tipping The Bartender?

I met this girl... and we expressed our interest in different types of beers and wine, so I asked her on a casual, no pressure outing to the bar. We will be playing a few bar games (pool, air hockey, karaoke) and I told her I would buy the beer.

Thing is... while I like wine and beer, I don't really drink too much... and if I do, I typically drink at home or with friends. Last time I was at a bar was a year ago... and my friend purchased my drinks.

Let's say I buy a beer for myself and the girl I am taking. Would I have to tip the bartender $2? One for each drink? What is a good tip for a bottle of beer?


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  • This is how I tip my bartender I give them a bill they give me change if its like 425 they get 75 cents if its 8.50 they either get 50cents or if theure fast and good they get the buck fifty


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  • I usually give them a buck or two per order. I usually order 1-3 drinks per round. I'll probably up the tip a bit if I'm getting a mixed drink of some kind instead of just a bottle/sleeve of something.

    • I am not planning on getting much to drink. I am buying myself a drink and her a drink (both a bottle of beer)... so do you think $2 for a tip would be sufficient?

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    • It's a college bar in a college town. I'm still in college.

    • If that's the case, base amount is probably more than they expect.

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