How did you end up going on a date with a good guy? Do you make the first move or did he do it?

I heard that many women end making up making the first move since most nice guys are afraid of getting rejected. Of course not all nice guys are this way but many are, specifically the young adult ones.


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  • I had to approach him and give him my number after we'd talked all night at a party.

    • Cool. He must of been surprised.

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    • I posted a question last night about how to ask a woman to hang out with me platonically? I have no interest in dating her bit I think she is really nice and I would like to hang out with her as friends but I don't want her to think I am asking her on a date. And no I have no interest in having sex with her either. I am different from most guys.

    • Yeah, I suggested the library or maybe a cafe.

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  • I actually initiated everything...

    he was/is very shy.

    • He must of been very shocked you were interested.

    • Why so? Just because a person is shy i dont think they are oblivious to a person wanting to spend time with them.

    • Because many shy people have low self esteem and don't think anyone wants to go out with them. For example, I am a little shy but not that much anymore but I still think at times no woman wants to go out with me.

  • I'm very shy about romantic stuff, so if a guy ever wants to get a date with a girl like me, he has to pursue me and make all the first moves. 0_0 im jus to awkward for it...

  • He stared at me i approached him. we hung out. he kissed me. I asked him to be my bf.

    • well lol not in one day. we hung out for a month or so:) but yeah he was making series google eyes at me ;p

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