Anyone feel as though they'll be single forever if they don't meet their one true love in school?

I often feel that if my current relationship isn't lifelong (looking good so far, however) I'll likely end up forever alone. Am I incredibly ugly and unappealing to women? It's debatable, but I've attracted more than a few so I believe I'm fine in that regard. I think it's more of a "I don't know how I would find my type of girl outside of a classroom setting" dilemma. I would NEVER set foot in a bar or club and my future career field (when I graduate college in 4 years) is a huge sausage fest. Online dating is a viable solution but I'd like to see what life has in store for me before going that route.

Anyone else share my thought process?


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  • I think we all think like that in some way or another in highschool ect..
    You can find many girls anywhere to be honest even just down the street. Meeting new people there are plenty of places. I know it's tough but try not to think about it, I am sure in time (If this one doesn't last) you will find someone else & one that will.
    Some people go through many relationships before they meet the one they want to Marry Ect. And other's find the one they want to marry shorter then that.
    the best thing you can be is be you and be happy enjoy what you have life is to short. And you will find the one you want to be with - if you haven't already


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  • i barely dated in high school and definitely did not have any serious relationships. i know how you feel. and it doesn't help seeing all these young couples around either. also you don't have to go to the bar/club to find someone. it really can happen anywhere.

    • My girlfriend and I are pretty happy but, worst case scenario, if we split ways I really don't know what I'd do lol. I don't go out and do stuff so it's an interesting situation to think about.

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