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My ex and I have been talking again we got reconnected via instagram since she changed her number and deleted her Facebook. We started texting each other a lot and she seemed interested and flirting back. She picked me up and we'd go eat or I'd surprise her at work and wait for her shift to be over. It seemed like we were okay and she understood the break up. Kinda like we never broke up. Everyone kept telling her this was a bad idea and that I was no good and she ranted to me how she hated when people tell her what to do. Anyways today I invited her over to my place for lunch and when we were on the couch watching a movie I kissed her. She pushed away and looked at me. She just laughed and tried to play it cool until I asked her what was wrong. She didn't answer and just told me she had to go. I texted her and she replied "We just can't go back so quickly..." I asked her what did she mean and she hasn't replied since. I'm kind of hurt because we've been taking it slow and she did seem into me so what is it? Should I just back off?
-We dated for 9 months and 19 days before I broke up with her
-We broke 2 years ago
-We broke up because I wanted to date someone else. I emotionally cheated on her while I was away at a family retreat. This girl was my first serious girlfriend so I kind of scared that if I marry that girl would I regret it? And breaking up and hurting her was what I regret the most.


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  • Okay look I'm gonna use an analogy for this one...

    you know how guys can break up with their girlfriend then have a booty call weeks later and not feel any attachment? Well girls do this, only with emotions. My guess is your ex just wanted to be besties, and didn't actually want a relationship.


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  • She can still like you yes but she could be also scared. I say she wanted it to take it slowly start it off again like get to re-know you ect.. and see where things go.
    I don't think she was ready yet to get back together like that & to go where it left off.
    How long ago was it that you heard from her?
    If it has been some time maybe message her back and say I'm sorry. You can ask her, how does she feel about you? And see if she gives you a reply. And all depends what her reply is

    • Things have been greatly awkward since I kissed her. I don't know what I can do to fix it. She has said that she wasn't ready to get back with me after what I did yet she understands. And then she went on saying maybe not now maybe not in a few days or months but eventually we could potentially get back together. What I don't understand is why wait? If we both are feeling each other then why does she not want to now? I mean I could wait I'm just curious.

    • The reason why is she might be a little afraid & she needs to trust you again and all that
      I think that is why she wants to wait.. She wants to make sure things will go well

  • u should take time to attractionher again like the first time she fell in love with you and take time..


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