She takes my calls but won't talk much?

I have been dating a girl for about 6 months and we have been friends for about 7 years now. it is a long distance relationship and has been going well until recently. she's been harder to contact and but she does pick up. problem is when she does pick up she doesn't talk much.

My first notion would be to accept that she's losing interest. But then she'll randomly ask me out (ahha the irony) to a play or something. She wants to go to disneyland with me in a week, but after I asked her to go and she said she'd like to go she reverts to her silent monosyllabic-ness. I try multiple different approaches to start a conversation but she just makes each one a dead end. it seems very abrupt because I can pinpoint a single day where before that we could talk for hours and after that conversations lasted 5 minutes before there was silence.

what in the world is going on? why would she want to go out with me, (even ask me out a couple times) but suddenly stop talking to me? (she said she'd like to go to disneyland and made plans to go to a play with me during the silent period)


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  • Ok, I see a few possibilities here:

    1. Don't be mad, but I have to ask, is it possible she's mad at you for something? I know it's stupid, but if she's mad maybe she's not talking to you much because she's still upset/hurt and wants you to apologize. You've known her for a long time, so I'm sure you know what she's like when she's mad and how to make her feel better.

    2. She's not interested anymore, but doesn't know how to break it off because you've known each other for so long and doesn't want to hurt you. She might even have found someone else (hence the sudden break-off in communication) she likes and wants to be with.

    3. Something is going on in her life that she hasn't talked about but is really upsetting her- a friend thing, a family thing, a school thing etc. Whatever it is, it's dominating her thoughts and making her seem distant and distracted.

    Whether any of these possibilities are true or not, the only solution I see is talking to her about it- just straight up ask her what's been going on lately. Is she upset about something? If she tries to play it off like nothing is wrong, call her on it and ask why she's been so distant.


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  • Either she is battling some sort of depression here or she's just not that into you. Having known her for 7 years though you should have some idea if she has ever gotten in these states or moods before. If not, then move on cause her interest in you is low.

  • The last woman I dated had a personality similar to that of the one you're describing. I tried to figure her out and be understanding, but eventually my patience was drained - it made me remember that I should want to date a woman who would put as much effort into contacting me as I would to get in touch/make plans with her.

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