Why can't I find a girl who can live with me being me?

Im gonna be very blunt, im 5'8" 220lbs and a type 1 diabetic so, short fat stupid amd quite frankly not all that much fun to be around but hell thats just me. why am i still single? I try to interact but my idea of a good time is sitting enjoying a coffee or sitting around a fire not partying or going to the movies, the only girls who even find me remotely attractive or interesting are usually drunk high or could pick me up and toss me like a damn foot ball, i feel like its because im different (diabetic) it causes my hands to sweat profusely and i can't drink so to most girls I've met im no fun.

Forgot to mention i know im not an attractive person, no im not looking for a model but someone who isn't a burn out, a drunk, or a damn sasquach would be nice.


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  • Short. Low self-esteem. Fat. Low self-esteem. Stupid. Low self-esteem. Not fun to be around. Low self-esteem. Not attractive. Low self-esteem.

    I can't understand why they aren't lining up around the block for you. You sound like quite the catch.

    Stop thinking so negatively. Improve your confidence level. Maybe then you will have more success.


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  • Do u have a good job?

    • Im self employed so money is never steady

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    • Ah shit out of luck, mind is a bit off today.

    • There's someone for everyone

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  • Sounds like your looks are affecting your outlook on yourself, so that negatively affects your confidence and personality. If you don't make hanging around you sound like a good time, why would anyone want to be with you? You need to like yourself before anyone else can

    • I'll be honest i had a few bad experiences that turned me into a cold miserable bastard, i have a hard time trusting people and have no balls when it comes to asking a girl out. I have been told im good looking ( its a load of horse shit) but i would take a bullet for most people without a moments hesitation, but nobody has gotten past my physical appearance or medical disease to know me well enough to enjoy my company

    • "cold miserable bastard, i have a hard time trusting people"
      Most people don't want to deal with that. Even if you have legitimate reason to have trust issues, no one deserves to be treated based on what someone else has done or said. And when getting to know someone, nobody is going to want to put up with that

    • You're only the way you are because of what's happened to you, but you can't let that keep you down. Getting over your problems or at least trying to is more attractive to women

  • Try not being miserable. The negativity will drive off as many women as your looks will. If not more.