Shouldd I give her a chance?

She texted me her number 3 days ago, we talked a little things went great. I texted her goodmorning the next day she responded and i didn't talk to her. I tried calling her yesterday to setup a date but she didn't answer. She txted shortly after saying she was busy at dinner and couldnt talk, i politely said to just let me know not expecting anything but maybe a call back? She didn't call me back, and its the next day now. Should i wait for her to say somthing or just move on.. so sick of dealin with people i act genuine to then there too scared to even give a guy a chance


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  • Unfortunately for some people we do forget to get back to someone life can get a little busy we read a message and forget to reply haha a really good friend of mine does that to me at times and times he think he already replied to
    Anyway... Just message her and say hows it going? and ask her if she is still cool to meet up sometime & see where it goes from there. And some people do not like to call others either they think it maybe to late ect..

    • i have no idea what you mean. this girl should want to talk to me im more questioned as to damn what do i have to do to prove to this girl im worth talking to. she doesn't even know my last name i dont kno where she even lives we just worked together for about a month then she quit and i got her number bc i wrote her a note she thought it was sweeet damn what do i have to do for this girl to make her trust -_-

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    • @battyBB i was sitting in my room and it was a little late but i decided this is stupid i should be able to talk to her whenever i want, so i sent her a txt. she wants to go out to eat next week so ima take her

    • Aaaw nice :) sounds good, all the best

  • I would wait a day more then text her don't call this time. Girls are weird. Sorry:(
    If you could answer my question it would be greatly appreciated


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