What should I do with a cancer guy?

3 years ago, I met a cancer guy, he asked me out, but at the time I had a boyfriend, so I declined. A year later, we met again, but only exchange online contact information, and did not do much because I went overseas to work. This year, we met again when I was back, he invited to play an online video game with him, and I did.

Things were going well until he was talking with online friends and he said "Man I need to get single real soon! My gf is making me to go shopping tomorrow."

I held back from talking too much to him for a while, but we started talking again. Last Thursday, I brought him lunch to his work, and he said he liked the food twice, and smiled. We also talked about his family, the tattoos he has on his body, the significance of them, story about one of his ex, and how he think about his friends and stuff. We felt close and comfortable, and we ended up spending whole afternoon together. At night he thanked me again and said food is tasty.

Later I told him I enjoy face to face time spent with him, and wish we could hang out more. A day later he then started avoiding me, like keeping conversation very brief, and saying he is going to do other things when I am online. I asked one of his online buddies what was going on, and his buddy said he is a little uncomfortable with me because he is engaged.

Then that night, I quietly logged on, and found him and his buddies were chatting. Him and his guy buddy said he has a fiancee, but another friend said "didn't you get dumped last week? and you guys did not want us to tell Rose (me)"

I confronted the buddy that told me he was engaged, the buddy said he is not single for sure. To be honest I don't understand why does he not tell me himself. And before he always complained about his girlfriend, the engage part seems fake/sudden. Is he confused? trying to escape from situation? Should I give him space first before talking to him? Or what should I do?


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  • Whether this guy is a "Cancer" or not is irrelevant. Astrology is all fake. What he REALLY is though, is a douchebag playing games. Is that a zodiac sign? Dump him.


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  • oh i thought he had cancer and was waiting to hear what that had o do with anything.

    quell look do you want a guy who complains to his friends about his gf bc of something he agreed to do instead of just breaking up with her?

    regardless of w/e is or isn't going on hew sounds really disrespectful and not a communicator,. not good bf material.

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