So jealous of this girl cuz a guy who used to have a crush on me now likes her?

So, this guy liked me for a while last year. Then summer holidays came but we didn't do anything because he's a big chicken and I wasn't sure I liked him enough to date him. But now, when I am sure i like him enough to date him, he likes someone else. i know it is wrong and cruel for me feel this way now, but I can't help it and I'm jealous. What do I do? Is it best to just hide my feelings and move on?

Oh and by the way that girl is one of my best friends


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  • It's possible he was 'chicken' because you didn't show any signs of interest towards him when he liked you. This would have prevented him from making his move. Generally a guy will make his move once he knows 100% a girl likes him. It's also possible you like him simply because he's moved on to another girl and lost feelings for you making him the one who is hot property. Ask yourself the question... if he came running back to you would you date him? If your answer is 'yes' then you've missed out. Although the fact he had feelings for you in the past means it's still possible for him to reignite those feelings if you show interest towards him. All is not lost.


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  • You can't blame her for him liking her and you can't make him like you. The best thing is to count your losses move on find somebody else. In the end envy and jealously will only hurt you.


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  • Yup. You gotta move on. You had your chance and you blew it. Huh, that last sentence sounds so familiar, maybe it was on a TV show or something.