Should I apologize for getting drunk on date?

I went on a 5th date with a guy and we met out with friends at a bar. He got drunk too, but I know I drank too much and am concerned I acted really obnoxiously. We ended up sleeping together for the first time that night, and I felt immediate distance from him the next morning. It's possible his change of attitude would have happened anyways and that I'm being to hard on myself, but is there a way to repair this?


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  • I wouldn't apologize till I have seen him face to face and hung out. If you apologize prior to that it may seem a little insecure and is hard to read without the body language/direct communication.

    Ask him to grab lunch or something and then when reminiscing on the other night be like, "I am so sorry about that. I usually don't drink like that."

    • I agree with this

    • Thanks for the advice. It's just difficult being in a position where you sleep with someone for the first time and you have to initiate plans after. I wish he would be showing his excitement to see me again. Feels so desperate.

    • You know he is probably feeling the same way you are though...

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