Where do you think we stand now?

I met this guy back in June at our joint friends wedding. I'm very oblivious to guys being interested in me, but apparently he was, and we spent a lot of the weekend talking to the early hours. After the wedding we added each other on Facebook, and after 2 months we realised we'd chatted every day and admitted we'd wished something had happened at the wedding.
Main issue is he lives in New York and I live in London!
But my girl friends had bailed on going on holiday, so in late September I went to spend a week in New York with him. which we were both so excited about. In the mean time we chatted on Facebook messenger everyday, he started watching f1 and I started watching American football.
When I got there he collected me from the airport and we had a good evening just chatting and the fact that I was there was sinking in. that night I slept in his bed, we finally had our first kiss and went to sleep. The next week was fantastic, he'd booked things to do when he wasn't working, I explored the city alone when he was. And we had a couple of very romantic nights in central park and at the top of the empire state building. Lots of hand holding, kissing and yes we did sleep together as well. We were both really bummed when my final day came as he had to work, but he made sure he could get away to take me to the airport, have our last food together and kiss me goodbye.
This was three weeks ago, we haven't discussed what's happening between us, (the only future stuff we discussed was our lack of money and joking about winnning the lottery and buying a beautiful NY apartment together). We still chat everyday.
so I'm after an outside opinion, where do you think we stand now, do you think he's still interested? I can't stop thinking about him as I've never been treated so wonderfully by a guy, and I suppose I'm just waiting for it all to be a lie. Any opinions would be nice! Sorry for the long question!

We both have known for a while that he can't come to London in the near future. His recent job move has meant he can't take a stint of time off till next year, and his move to Manhattan has. meant it's almost impossible to save.


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  • Ask him to come to London sometime in the near future when he can take a vacation from work and you will see how he feels about the relationship based on how he responds. If he will be excited to travel there when he can and doesn't make excuses then he is into you as much as you are into him.


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