I tend to think i'm a good guy, but why am I single?

I'm honest, caring, good listener, often help friend/families/strangers them when they need need one, never look down on people, takes people's advice when they think i'm doing something wrong, family person, socially drink but not a huge lover of drinking, never used drugs/smoke and so onnn... blah*

Am I going to end up being alone forever? :s


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  • You aren't the only one, I'm in the same situation.

    The advice i usually get is: It's good that you help and listen and girls will appreciate it. But you have to think about yourself as well and go after the things you want. Good things/girls won't fall into your lap. Don't be afraid to put yourself first every now and then.

    Then again - even after this advice, I'm still in the same situation, it's harder done than said.
    Maybe some girls or guys here can give more/better advice for the both of us


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  • Are you boring when talking to people or clingy (as soon as you meet a girl pour your heart out)?

    • I don think i'm neither of the above... I try to be myself when i'm around people.. i'm boring when im at a new place or meet new people (i'm really bad at making new friends- had this problem due to my dad being in the British Army and constantly moving countries; safe to say my childhood was rough).
      But i'm usually the guy who does spontaneous things and makes silly comments about any stuffs and laughs a lot... :s

  • Your personality sounds great! You just need to put yourself a little bit more out there! As long as you are honest to everyone, including yourself good things will happen. Stay positive, there's 7 billion people on the planet! (:

    • Thank you stranger (: but its that putting out there is the bit where I seem to struggle most at, how does one do that?

  • I'm going threw the same problem and I'd love to find someone like you. It seems that if we put ourselves "out there" a little more people will see us for who we are and notice are good qualities. That is when you'll get into a relationship.

    • I totally agree, but how do we *put it out there* i'm certain we are not going to have a signboard around our necks saying - hey! date me! my personality rocks!! lol

    • Haha yeah I know what you mean. I mean like be more outgoing so more people can get to know you better. The more outgoing you are, the more people will see those positive qualities about you.

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  • Why are we single?
    Fear is holding us back. Fear of going for what we want
    No verbal escalations.
    No sexual escalations.
    If people say ''just be yourself'', that's fuckin bullshit.
    At least learn some techniques such as ''push-pull, sexual spiking, parody...''

  • I am a virgin and I don't think you can beat that

    • I dont know whether if I should laugh or cry with you bro... but we deffo should get a drink sometime and drain our sorrows in beer! :D

    • Oh yeah I can go for a beer or several

  • You can be nice all you like and you can listen to all the women telling you to be nice, but that doesn't score you girls.

    You need to be fun, exciting, charismatic, unpredictable and most importantly you need to be a challenge.

  • Ok, it's not about being a nice person or a jerk.

    Dating is a skill.

    Ever wonder how people who get girls, get even more girls when lonely people get lonelier? That's because the first kind gain more skill with every girl they date.
    You might end up alone, people might say you won't, but it's a reality. Unless you gain the necessary skills needed for dating. I know people who are alone and who will die alone, just because they were given false hope.

    Here is a list of things to start you off:
    1. Are you confident when talking to girls?
    2. Do you approach and talk to girls?
    3. Are you being needy/clingy?
    4. Do you feel like you are leading the interaction or waiting for the girl to show you what to do?
    5. Can you make a 20 minute conversation with a girl?
    6. Are you convincing?
    7. Can you be thought of as a cool guy? Do girls think you're cool?
    8. Do you care what anyone thinks of you? Are you afraid to talk to girls just because someone is looking?
    9. Do you sound confident? Record your voice while talking to a girl then compare it to George Clooney's voice. You might feel confident but you may not sound like it.
    10. Do you make AND hold eye contact?
    11. Do you get physical or are you afraid to make moves?
    12. Do you give girls compliments?
    13. Are you having fun talking to them or are you nervous as fuck?

    There is a ton of other stuff. If you find that you are lacking some of the things I mentioned, then you should drop "I'm a nice guy" act, and improve yourself

    Best of luck