Why would she agree to go out then ignore me?

She agreed to go out, but I waited a day later to text her the plans, and then she ignores me. Then I waited another day, then today I asked if she still wants to go out, and I hear nothing. Wtf?

Realize I have never had a gf, and it has been like this for years. Am I just unlucky?


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  • This shit used to happen to me all the time. There is just not enough connection, and she starts to forget you after a day. I did two things to resolve this:
    1. Send a flirty text the same day, just to get them to reply, it makes it more likely for them to text back later
    2. Work on your interactions. You must create a good amount of connection with the girl. If you have a good interaction, she'll text you back. Sometimes you might think you have a good interaction, but she thinks it wasn't that good. Always remember, any decent looking girl has a lot of options, they get hit on a lot, so she ignores you and a couple of days later she can have someone just like you. even if not better.


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  • has she heard something bad about you?

  • Well your name is "downanddepressed" I would start working on yourself first, build up your confidence then the girls will react better to you. Goodluck!


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  • Could be that her phone is broken or her texts are used up for the month. But thats probably clutching at straws, for some reason it appears she has changed her mind. Dont chase it up any more, just leave it until she does something (if she ever does)

    • But what would make someone change their mind instantaneously like that?

    • Could be a myriad of things:
      - another guy asked her out
      - she said yes to avoid turning you down then just ignored you as the easy option
      - she was drunk when she said yes
      - her friends changed her mind
      the list goes on.

      Its best not to dwell on the rejection and see it as that for a fleeting moment, she wanted to go out with you on one level or another. This means other girls will to

  • It's really not a situation that requires a lot of thought. It is what it is, and move on. Obsessing about it will only make it worse.

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