Girls and guys is it ok to buy a girl a phone?

Ok there is this chick I like, we aren't dating or anywhere close to it but I want to buy her a phone she has never asked me to buy her one but I have the money to spend so is it ok if I buy her one.

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  • No, she's not your gf
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  • How about save the money and if you do start dating then you can buy her something or take her out to do something she likes?

    I wouldn't buy it for her, if she isn't sure on her feelings for you yet or she doesn't like you it may push her away. She will also likely feel bad accepting it.
    Play it cool!
    If you really feel the need to get her a gift get her something more friendly and less expensive like her favourite donut or candy bar!


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What Girls Said 5

  • I guess it depends how close you are.
    I cancelled my best friends contract and bought him a phone for his birthday
    But he was my best friend & we're not into each other like that.
    If a guy that I wasn't close with tried to buy me a phone, I would rather him not.

    • So I'll vote B I guess.

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    • Moto G is a good phone, good call.

      He must be thrilled, lucky to have a friend like you.

      Sidenote: Is straight talk any good? Near me I've heard stuff about bad signal and throttling data.

    • I have no problems with it so I like it a lot.
      About the signal thing.. it depends on what phone you get.
      Some of their phones use Verizon towers, some use ATT, sprint, and some use T mobile.
      You get up to 3GB of high speed data and once you reach that it drops to 2g.
      I've had it for 5 years without any trouble
      Some people don't like it though, lol.

  • Idk... I'm not so sure it's best to start off by buying her things...

  • Don't, she's not your girl so dosent deserve that kind of special treatment from you.

  • If its on your heart to buy her one. Get it.

  • Thats a little desperate don't you think? Ain't nobody getting angry about getting a phone, but it's kinda weird..

    • Well no I'm not desperate at all even if it seems like it its just I've been crushiing on her android I feel like that would be a nice random gift

    • I ment and not android

    • A random gift is nice, but a phone? That is very expensive.

What Guys Said 5

  • That's insane, do not buy her a phone

  • Don't do it bro.

  • Don't be a SIMP save your money for women you've had sex with at least 10x.

    • Haha no she is actually that make a man want have a future with her. No I woul never pay for sex

    • Well wait until you know she wants to spend the rest of her life with you. I can't sit by and watch you waist money on a girl if she doesn't feel strongly about you.

  • Unless she is your wife then yes. I said no on the poll.

  • No, it looks like you are trying to buy her