Ladies , What is the best thing you like a guy to wear?

Suits , styles, shoes, something... tell me so i know what best attracts you.


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  • Dressing up instantly makes a guy look more attractive <3 sooo suits, collared shirts etc. obviously you can't do that all the time but ya know...

    shoes are not really of any consequence... i dont get why guys freak out over their shoes all the time

    And i personally have a thing for glasses xD

    • guess thats good lol i wear glasses too

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  • Jeans and a T-shirt in a colour that suits them, and a pair of clean dark coloured trainers.
    My boyfriend looks great in blue jeans with a black Tshirt.

    • what are trainers? i might have heard of them but not by that name

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    • oh yea... your from england? or the U. K?

    • Yes England in the UK :)

  • I love button downs and loose jeans. He needs to know he looks good and is comfortable in what he wears. I can't stress this enough but confidence is key.

  • I really like some loose jeans, sneakers and collared shirts on guys. And for special occasions: a suit of course


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