I like this Asian girl but I'm reluctant to ask her out because of what her family might think about me for a possible relationship like this?

There's this girl from Nam (Vietnam) that I have a feeling for and she apparently seems to like me back as well. We've known each other for a month already and I really really want to take her out some where like at a state fair or something for one night to let her know my true and deep feelings of her. However, the only thing holding me back is what she's been really thinking of me (like if she only prefers to stick to her own kind, I'm Latino by the way) and what her family may think of me. I mean she has told me plenty of times that her mother is a very nice lady and she never really talked about her father to me (my guess would be that he might have passed away long ago and she doesn't want to share that to me) but still, I don't know about this. The Vietnamese girl might not want to date out of her race/ethnicity or her family still might disapprove of me to a degree.


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