How do I get her attention back?

Alright here's the thing, I like this girl we've been talking for quite some time, problem is she doesn't text me but when get over the phone we spend hours talking and we get along well however I asked her out on a date twice and she agreed as she told me she had a thing for me too. Unfortunately she canceled both dates she gave me silly reasons. That was 3 days ago when she canceled the second date. So I decided to stop talking to her until she talks to me. But yet she did not talk to me or apologized for canceling our date. I know that's her fault and I should not be talking to her until she does but what do I do in that case I mean she's my crush eventually I like her and worst part she told me she likes me too but it's weird the fact She canceled the date for silly stupid reasons like her friend was over and felt bad to kick her away.. Anyway the point is what do I do in that case do I talk to her again and if I don't what if she doesn't talk back to me do I move on? If so how do I do it.

Thank you for understanding any tip is taken into consideration, it's just hard when your crush does that I hope you understand me.


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  • I personally think that yeah, she likes you but its not as much as you're hoping for. If, she really liked you she wouldn't come up with stupid excuses to cancel dates and she'd answer your text more often. It would probably wise to just move on because it seems to me that she has her own stuff she has to handle.

    • Thank you for your advice, taken into consideration. Also , I guess you're right I should be moving on.

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    • Well I was thinking about giving her one more shot since yes I do like her but it's just that if you think about the fact that she screwed me over twice already is messed up. Oh and for the record I'm giving you MHO cause you gave me the answer I was looking for cheers.

    • Thanks lol and at the end of the day its your decision. You tried and she didn't so , it is what it is... Good luck finding someone else :)

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