If you were successful and had a good job, and you meet a really nice, cute and fun person who doesn't. Would you date that person?

This guy I met is really cute, sweet, nice, etc., (so far). but he doesn't really have a good job. He worked a bunch of odd jobs in the past (from what he tells me). we're both in our early 30's. He seems very ambitious and started his own business a couple years ago. It seems he is trying to become successful but it's been a slow progression. I mean he may never be successful in his career because he is doing something difficult that maybe a small percentage of people become successful in. But he seems like he is good at what he does, so sometimes I try to just believe in him. but other times I worry that what if he doesn't become successful in his career? he doesn't really have anything else to fall back on...

I really like him but my friends don't think it's a good idea because of what he does. I'm pretty established in my career and I make enough $$ to support a family. But I don't want to be the one to do that cus I'm so exhausted and I have to take care of one of my parents (financially). I'd like it to at least be equal where we are both bringing in almost the same amount. I don't want all the finances to be on me if I ever get married.

Anyway we just met a couple months ago so it's not like we know where things are going. We're just getting to know each other. but would you consider dating someone who doesn't really have his/her career figured out? What if things do get serious and he's still getting nowhere with his career?

  • I would date him/her, but not seriously. I'd just have fun.
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  • I don't care about what he/she does as long as he/she's a great guy/girl. I would consider a serious relationship with him/her.
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  • I wouldn't date him/her at all.
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  • You are not thinking about him but your financial well being. Once you start considering a person according to the size of their wallet and not their worth as a person, its bound to go south. Let finances come later, deal with the person first. Gatorgirl12 has the right idea. Always give chances.

    • Thanks. I would like to at least give him a chance and see how things progress. I really like him and how he treats me, so I'll see how it goes. If I find he's lazy and starts using me (one of my exes used me in the past) then I'll def end it. If it seems like he works hard and is really trying then we'll just see how it goes...

    • Thank you for voting me as most helpful. Also, thank you for understanding what I said. Finally, getting used is never pretty, guys get it all the time, you have the right idea of what to do if that starts, i wish you good luck.

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What Guys Said 3

  • I dont know about this one. If i met a women and considered marrying, i wouldn't mind if at that point they wanted to be a house wife especially if children were involved. but i probably would at least want them to be a capable person when i met them or for them to be doing something with thier lives.

  • I chose A. I would casually date someone even when their career is shaky and unpredictable. Here's why. One, she is determined to succeed no matter what. Not accepting failure at any cost. Two, people who take calculated risks to succeed no matter how long it takes usually get a break sometime in their career. If things get serious, it's time to to give her some sort of direction on where to go to succeed in her career and to introduce her to the power of networking with successful people.

  • I'd say don't date him and move on, you'll find another guy that has all those qualities and hopefully has a good stable job.


What Girls Said 2

  • It won't work. You'll be the one who's supporting both of you and soon you'll get tired of your social differences.

  • I'd get to know him a little better see if you like him after a while because dating him may not go well considering he isn't stable.