How do I tell a guy that I want him with out coming off desperate?

Recently my friend Chris introduced me to his friend Peter. We all hung out together in a group, just a big group of friends with some other people. I really like Peter from what I have seen so far. I'm attracted to him. I want to get to know him more. My friend Chris likes me but I've told him numerous times that I just want to be friends because he dated my girlfriend and tried to talk to my other friend too. I don't date guys who dated, slept with or talked to my girlfriends. I just don't like that. And I told him this. Also im just not attracted to him. he's not what i need or want. I recently invited Peter somewhere and he said he probably won't come. I asked him why and he said that he didn't want to step on Chris's toes. Chris really likes you and you should go. I laughed and told him that I don't like Chris though. I explained to him that I don't like Chris and why and that I only see him as a friend. . I'm not even attracted to Chris. But I still think he is apprehensive about getting to know me more. How can I tell Peter that I want him and not to worry about if Chris likes me or not because I don't like Chris at all? We never dated, kissed or anything. I kept Chris strictly as a friend. I don't want to loose my chance with Peter =/ ?


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  • Show some respect bro, she is asking a legit question. From a guy to a guy we both know that girls sometime trip themselves up. She's asking for a way out.
    Obviously Peter is applying the same code that you are (maybe not in the same way) but he is. You are in what they call a love triangle.. you are gonna have to repeat to chris that you don't like him but this time, tell him you LIKE PETER.. that kills two birds with one stone and peter will relax too and open up to you. there's more but hey, there's a guy code lol.

    • I understand going along with that code if I slept with Chris =( but I never even touched Chris. We never went on a date or anything. I guess the guy code is different. And thank you for giving respectful input.

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    • Thank you =) and that is pretty epic =)

    • next time you comment, I wana hear progress hon

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  • Really, just ignore idiots that have no valued input! What a dick!

    The simple fact is, you like Peter and not Chris. End of! Nothing bad about that.. it is what it is! And it's nobody's fault it turned out that way.
    Just keep trying until you feel it's time to give up.. or until you get what u want ;)

    Good luck.

    • I was trying to ignore him but I felt insulted when he called me out my name for no reason. But thank you for giving respectful input. I think I will tell Peter again that it isn't like that and that there was not her ever between me and Chris.

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    • But I just don't see Chris that way =( we aren't compatible and I'm not attracted to him. So Peter won't talk to me if I'm friends with Chris?

    • And I think he does need a real girlfriend too just not with me. I want a real boyfriend as well its just not meant to happen with Chris. Even if I never talk to Peter I will still always see Chris as a friend. I don't have a lot of guy friends. It seems like Peter would be interested in me but he doesn't want to "step on Chris toes" may he feels like Chris would be upset or hurt if he talked to me. But why? I don't like Chris. I never went on a date with him, never had any physical contact with him or anything. He's never even touched me. =/ I could see following that code if I was intimate with Chris or went on a date with him. But none of that ever happened. =/

  • If Peter is a good guy, he will turn you down. Guys don't do that to guys. He knows his friend likes you, it would be wrong of him to go with you, especially out of spite. You sound like a bitch

    • I'm definitely not a botch thank you. And if he's friend likes me it's not my fault that I don't like him. I'm not going to force myself to like someone or date someone who I don't like like that. Your comment is rude you sound like a asshole. I don't need negative comment, thanks.

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    • What I said was clearly sarcasm. So obviously you can't comprehend things. It's not nice to call yourself names. =) you have a good night too.

    • Quit being such an asshole. You're probably some ugly ass fuckface living in your parents basement.

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  • wow. you did nothing wrong. they are both actually being incredibly disrespectful of you as a human being.

    crhis is acting entitled and pewter is being patronizing.

    id drop both of them bc they are not respecting you or taking you seriously AT all.

    anyhow you told chris you dont like him. if you didn't tell peter then tell him,. but hit just doesn't look good. they are both asshats.

    • Yea. If Peter can't see that I don't like Chris and that I'm a decent person then I'll leave him alone. There's other fish in the sea.

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    • Thank you =)

    • you're welcome:)