Break up with him or keep trying? Give him another date?

I've been seeing this really nice guy for over a week now. We've gotten drinks twice and went on a real date on Friday. Saturday night we stayed in and watched movies. It was fun... but when we're not watching movies or playing video games we don't seem to have anything to talk about. Shouldn't we have tons to talk about since we just started dating?

Things come in spurts though. It seems that if I kiss him, play w/ his hair, rub is back or we make out... that he's suddenly chatty again. So it's not like we never ever have anything to talk about... it just comes and goes in waves... but it's not constant. I hate this problem. I've had it before and the relationship clearly failed.

Should I give him another chance or just call the whole thing off now?

Just an update: He came over last night and we talked for a really long time. We had a great time! Maybe texting all day is hurting our ability to talk.


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  • Things take time

    If you are still getting to know someone its going to be hard to just have conversation becuase you dont know what or how to talk to them
    Why kill it so soon?

    • Yes! That's exactly how it feels. I have no clue what to talk to him about. Idk, am I cutting it too soon if I do it tomorrow?

    • Give it more time. see how you feel later.

    • I guess you're right. I got myself all prepped for the break up speech and now I'm not giving it. Although, I texted him around an hr ago and he hasn't replied. He's usually really good about it. Maybe he's just never going to text me back...

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  • personally, I'd find someone I could easily talk to, but I'm rather comfortable being open about things.

    • Yeah. See, I wondered if he was just in it for sex... but then he asked me on a real date (the third time we went out). Idk. I'm very confused. I feel like a guy who isn't just in a relationship for sex is going to want to ask tons of questions... right? maybe? I don't know.

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