Is he into me or just trying to get laid? If he isn't into me how can I get him to be?

I met him at a bar 3 months ago and initially became interested because he didn't talk about taking me home or getting in my pants, he talked about going out for breakfast and playing guitar together and planning our whole day together for the coming day. I ended up going home with him that night and yes we had sex, he wanted me to spend the night, but the idea of not being able to brush my teeth or change my clothes was horrid to me so he ended up dropping me off and texting me until dawn and once it was time for our brunch date that day he never got back to me. I got a few texts from him here and there but that's it, then I didn't hear from him for about a week or two before he finally asking back out again, we ended up getting high, driving around for hours and inevitably back at his place. After we had sex he begged me to spend the night again, but I didn't like the idea not because of him but because of my hygiene that coming morning. Again I heard nothing from him for maybe a week and then we met up again (at this point I had accepted that I am just a booty call) but when we went to his place he just wanted to watch movies for a bit, we started making out and I climbed up on his lap and he asked me to slow down? He said he wants to make it last and that there's no reason to rush into it, then when we finally got our clothes off he stopped me just to say that he doesn't just want to fuck me, that he wants so much more for us, but because of his hours at work he can't.. Then he wanted slow passionate sex? I was happy of course but mostly confused.. He just made me feel like that time was different and that I really was going to hear from him again. But again the silent treatment for more weeks, until he invites me to go to a concert with him and on the day of the event he's no where to be found. I'm just confused by him, he's a sweetheart and a romantic when we're together, but a ghost when we're apart? Is he really interested or am I a joke to him?


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  • Suck his dick every morning and give him road head everywhere you go. Back up on his dick and let it slide in your ass. Do the things he wants to do. Change the oil in his car, get dirty. Ride a street bike. Wear yogo pants. Be on the couch playing with yourself when he gets home from work.

    • Ok? How is this going to work if he won't talk to me for weeks or a month n when he does we only hang out for like 2 hours and within those 2 hours we are only having sex. I do give him head everytime and he says it's the best he's ever gotten.

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  • I honestly think that you're misreading his actions. He offered you two times to stay with him after making out. But you were the one who didn't accept.

    Of course he didn't call you in two weeks before you seem like you are taking him as a booty call. You never stay with him, you want fast, he wants slow.
    I think he is confused as you. That is good actually he keeps calling you. I don't think he is joke person in life. He is taking serious. He makes plans, he is not just someone talks about sexual stuff all the time referring what you told.

    Probably your actions tell opposite to him. You seem, like you aren't interested at all. Forget the hygiene thing. I think people in relationship need to see each other even in their most natural mode. No make up no dressing nothing more.

    And if you want to take this one step further, you need to initiate too. If he doesn't call, you call. It doesn't hurt at all.

    • I initiate all the time, he never answers or response when I make plans first. And he only talks romantically like that when we are in his bed with barely any clothes left. And he never calls me when he says he will he will go weeks if not an entire month without speaking to me or seeing me at all and in the meantime I'm calling him and texting him and asking him to meet up. and it feels like the only times he's asked me to spend the night are times when he's too tired or drunk and doesn't want to make the drive

    • Oh I see. But you how you told above is opposite this scene.
      Oh well, you figured it out already. Depends what do you want in terms of relationship? He doesn't seem he is interested in you. Let it go, if you want something serious.

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