Coworker checked out my online dating profile multiple times. Deleted account after I sent him a message?

I spent the last week working nonstop on a special project for work. I didn't really know anyone on the team beforehand, but we all quickly became friends. A few days after we wrapped up the project, I noticed that one of the computer programmers on my team, had checked out my OK Cupid profile twice. I sent him a short message asking if it was him. I never got a response because the next day his account was deleted.

Before he deleted his account, I thought he might like me. He would hold eye contact a bit longer than is normal when we were talking through problems. He would also make sarcastic jabs at me when we were taking breaks. I've seen him out and about a few times since and he seemed a little cool. He said hi but made no effort to start a conversation.

I get paid to analyze things for a living, so maybe I am reading too much into things. Why would he delete his profile without responding to my message? Does he like me? Is he I just too shy to make a move? Not quite sure what to do since I kind of like him. But I don't want to feak him out by calling him out for deleting his account.


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  • Sounds like you already know whats going on here, you just need confirmation from other opinions.
    I'd say you spooked him when you sent him the message and thats why he deleted it. He wasn't expecting you to find out. Now he can just deny it ever happened.

    How sure are you that it was him?
    Tbh, it doesn't really matter anyway. If you like him, just ask him out. Simples! :)

    • 100% sure it is him.

      I don't work directly with him, but I do see him around work friends. So, I don't want to ask him out if it is going to make things even more awkward. I can't decide if he is just shy or if he is embarrassed and wishes he could take back clicking on my profile.

    • "I can't decide if he is just shy or if he is embarrassed and wishes he could take back clicking on my profile."
      I would say both.

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