Does my Guy only wants to be friend with me or his not ready to commit in a relationship wif me?

I been hangout with this guy for 1 month in 1day we been dating twice already just waiting for 3nd date for this month. He make his move to kiss me and hug me and told me he liked me and want's to be friends with me on the 1st date. But the only thing he doesn't make time to text me or call me, I always waited for him to contact me but sometimes i did text him saying ("How are you?" or How's your day? ) & didn't care to reply when I saw him online in watsapp but sometimes he did text me just a short message and says he was busy on his work and do respect that for him.
I waited for him for 2 weeks when he had time to text me or call me and yesterday I was trying to make myself busy but in my mind i was thinking about him and missing him so much =( and really do admire him although we both don't know each other well and I knew he like's me as a friend, and wanted to show him I that i have feelings for him by text message so I Google search and trying to find the proper words to text him and I don't want to search the words to be too flirty or to over like saying I love you so direct. Later i found the right word so i Copy & Paste and forward to him like this >>

I kw you're busy but I just had to tell you that when I'm with you, I'm the happiest person in the world. Have a great day!
later he reply me : Hey, sorry can't talk to u. I need to be honest with you, I didn't feel anything beyond friends.. so don't wanna give u any hope actually.. Let's continue to be friends.. Cheers

And i was unsure what is "beyond friends" =( means? Is he not ready yet or is he not that in too me? what is his message mean? his 30's im 20's


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  • He just wants to be friends. Leave him alone and move on. If he wants more than friendship he'll act a fool when he knows you have someone who treats you the way you wanted him to treat you. By then it will be too late for him. No need to try to make him jealous he'll do that all on his own if he's interested at all. Just do you and be on your way. :*

  • Sounds like he's not ready for a real relationship. A man will communicate and let you know.


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