Did he ask me on a date? Does he like me?

My crush hugged me for the first time 2/14/12 a little after breaking up with his ex. We went on a fieldtrip we gave eachother our numbers and texted until midnight or longer for several weeks. Then his family had to move. We still texted but not as much. One day he invites me to the fair with him and and his guy friend. I was unable to go and later on I heard that he went by himself. Did he really invite the other friend or just said he did would this be considered him asking me out? Later that year he visited me and we hugged again. Every time after that when we see eachoter we hug he has not hugged any other girl besides me unless he was datting her.(at the time of the fair he was not with anyone) Later on he invited me to go roller skating with him twice and I could not go with him again :( but does this mean he likes me or is he just very friendly.( p. s I also noticed 2 of his friends teasing him around me but both of his friends tend to tease eachother a lot) ( Is this concidered him asking me out?)

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  • Why are interested if he's asking out if you don't ever go out with him when he asks? Men are practical creatures. If he asks you to go out, and you just can't go, he will eventually stop asking you out and then all your ideas about his compassion will be worthless.. Stop imagining things, go out with him and then you'll see, if he is dating you or not. Just don't be an ice queen. You'll waist your opportunity.


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