Has anyone ever felt like they wanted to start dating, but don't know how to go about it?

I haven't been very successful in the dating world, I've had one boyfriend in my life, and many seemingly potential opportunities at relationships. Anyway, last year was the last time I tried to form some sort of relationship, but it turned out when we went on what I thought was a date... it wasn't we were just hanging out ( I later found out).

lately I've been seeing couples everywhere and I really have been longing to meet someone, to feel butterflies in my stomach, and maybe start dating. I haven't felt that in so long... any ideas on what I should do?


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  • You are not the only one. I've felt that way and sometimes I feel it every now and then still. I've also had one boyfriend so far. But growing up, I was very shy and quiet. I never made it a big deal to have a boyfriend even though I wanted one as I was growing up. And yes, me too, when I see couples now, I feel like I want to be a relationship at the moment because I feel left out. It does seem like there are couples everywhere and that everyone is with someone, but that's not the case. There are plenty of girls out there without a boyfriend and I'm one of them. So don't worry, you are nowhere near alone by the way you are feeling. And no worries, someone will come for you. Don't go after any guy. Let them pursue you. That's what I am doing. I'm not rushing for another boyfriend even though I would really appreciate to have one right now. The patience will always pay off. Watch. And once he comes, you will be glad you didn't rush for it because that time will be the RIGHT TIME :).

    • Aww thanks! I don't know why i feel like this its not like I have been frequently dating. I haven't been... buy i want to be. Thank you so much for your advice. It really helped me :)

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    • Lol I've been single a but longer than that i hope he hurries up and finds me lol

    • Lol he will! Just always make sure he comes after you, not you going after him. You'll feel more special that way. I will too ^_^. Lol don't worry. They're gonna find us ^_^ The wait will turn out to be so worth it. And we're gonna watch and see it :)

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