Is this normal friends with benefits or what?

I have a fwb, and the sex is AMAZING and we truly enjoy each otger's company. My question is this he said he felt uncomfortable with me having children but he liked hanging out and definitely wanted to sleep with me before this convo we had both admitted we liked each other but the kid thing weirded him out. Anyways he spends the night at least two times a week and stays the next day till one of us has to do something. He asked if I wanted to get something to eat and as we were going our separate ways he kissed me but it was like he changed his mind last minute and kissed the side of my mouth.

I texted and said that was weird and he replied sry I shouldn't have done that. So I replied it was like you wanted to kiss me but you changed your mind and he said yea kinda I'm sry just forget it happened. I asked him later on in the week what that was all about and he said it was because that was the first time he had kissed me in a public setting and it kind of scared him and then I asked if he was going to always be like that and he said no it won't be. Wtf is all this about? I'm super confused


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  • I think it's because usually friends with benefits keep it in the bedroom and don't usually go out together. Maybe he realized by taking you out it was more of what a dating couple would do. Maybe He did not want to send you mix signals that you guys were more then just fwbs, it's not that he didn't want to kiss you, he's just confused.

    • Confused how?

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    • Well you mentioned it being awkward before so he could have done that because you mentioned it. Also it seems like you guys go out a lot and take it outside of the bedroom. It sounds more like your dating then fwb. If you want more then yes it's a very good thing!

    • Ok great also he has made the comment that his mom would fall in love with me

  • to me it like you already a couple without the title. stay over twice a week is a lot.
    do you like him? will you upset if he sleep with other girls and stop this?
    to me friends with benefits can be end hurtful
    especially when two people involve and attached.

    • Everyone says just let it play out so I'm trying...:)

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    • I think as long as you still see yourself single and dating other people. you should be fine.

    • You know it just.. don't get used to. well he is always around now. but since it a fwb. better be aware the facts he may not someday. you may get hurt not because of him , may because you just used to. something like this. whoever quit first the another one will always feel strange a little bit