Is he still interested after our first date? Should I ask him out on the second date?

I met a guy last Thursday in a club, he was very interested and asked my number. The next day he proposed a date and we've been texting since that day. He did compliment me a lot, said I was cute and very attractive.

I just went on our first date. It went well however I was a bit nervous at the beginning. We had drinks at his place and talked a lot. He likes to talk about himself, but also shows interest in my life. He's a bit older than me, I'm 23, he's 28. He's sweet but he did gave me the impression he enjoys being single. He's kind of a social butterfly, I'm more shy at the beginning.

It was very nice to meet him, we walked back to my car (he had to go to the same direction) and said goodbye. He told me if I wanted to do something next week, I could call him since I've got his number. I don't know what this means: is he sincerely interested or was it a quick goodbye? I'm now worrying I looked too nervous or too boring. I do want to know him better, I like his humor and we're on the same level.

I know it's only our first date but I would have liked it if we had kissed or something else romantic had happened. Now it felt like a job interview, and I think that's my fault because he acted relaxed..

Should I wait until he asks me out on a second date? Should he text me first now? Or should I make up for my "fault" and make the first move? How long should I wait? He also didn't compliment me today on how I looked, so maybe he's losing his interest?

Any advice is welcome!


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  • I would just take what he said at face value. Play it cool, wait until next week and text him about meeting up again. You'll find out whether you messed up the "job interview" then.

  • wait it out, if he's a social butterfly, he's likely just playing the field and will settle on who clicks with him best. it's clear he's not just in it to hook up if he didn't make any stronger moves. my perspective is a little opposite, as I'm an introverted guy, and usually only ask a girl out that I'm pretty sure I want to date; but extroverts often do like the 'interview' style dating and work from there. you shouldn't be anything but comfortable with being yrself, so if that doesn't interest him enough, don't sweat it, he just isn't for you!

    • Ok I'll see how it goes! Thank you for your advice, it was very helpful!

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