How to start great conversations with strangers on the street?

So I find a lot of woman find me relatively attractive as i get a lot of smiles and different acknowledgements from woman everywhere I go. Unfortunately for me I am afraid to approach because I don't know how to keep a conversation flowing when i know nothing about the other person. So I miss a lot of opportunities because I am afraid of looking stupid when i don't have anything to say. So how do you keep a conversation flowing with a girl you know nothing about?


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  • Just go up to them, say hello, and ask something about them. Do you live around here? Oh you do? How long have you lived here? Enjoy it so far? That's cool, I live (where ever), simple things like that. People love talking about themselves.

    If they're not very talkative though don't keep pressuring. You're going to get rejected a lot more than accepted, but you live and learn.

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