Kissed her after our first date but let lips were tense?

This girl and I had a great first date. We stayed out late, she had all the good body signs (playing with earrings, flipping her hair, rubbing her chest, rubbing her thighs). Her legs were facing me and she would be up for another drink. If i moved closer she would move closer. I said it was getting late and wanted to make sure she got home. I walked her home and along the way she accidentally kept bumping into me. When we got to her place I said I had a great time with her and want to do it again soon. I went in and kissed her on the lips but they felt tense. I kissed her again and the same thing.

Reading too much into this?


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  • Hmmm this is a tricky one... Maybe she was afraid that you'd try to full on make out with her so she kept them tense so it wouldn't go further... Maybe she was nervous... Maybe she sent you mix signals and wasn't ready for the first kiss yet... Maybe she's a bad kisser. I think you're reading too much into it. It could be all these things. Worry about it if the next time she's like this.

    • If she wasn't ready was it wrong for me to go in for a kiss?

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    • Ok cool, yeah it was pretty innocent. Most girls I've kissed, kiss back or sometimes make out there.

    • In retrospect, I think she might be a bad kisser... when I kissed her, she pushed her hips into mine

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  • Yes you are, she probably is not a good kisser. I've had that happen a lot even with girls that initiate the kissing. I usually tell them (not that they suck at kissing) but that they should relax a little and the kiss THOUGH ENJOYABLE (dont forget to add that) seemed a little tense but you will be willing to give it another shot :)

    • Yeah, I am writing it off as she was nervous and not ready. She's very good lookIng girl

    • doesn't mean she's a good kisser. Some of my ex's could stop traffic but behind closed doors.. i couldn't wait to get things over with, it was terrible. don't forget, you kissed her again and it was still the same. she can't kiss.

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